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Community Engagement

Collective Mining strives to maintain a transparent and effective relationship with communities, local government, NGOs and other stakeholders at the local, regional and national level.

Collective Mining ensures the inclusion of our stakeholders as beneficiaries of both the project and the business model through:

Coexistence with Local Mining

Coexistence with local mining

As we recognize the importance of local mining for the development of the region, our primary goal is to provide continuity to its operations, while sharing benefits with local miners within our business model. Trust is key between parties in order to maintain the strength of existing local mining traditions while introducing beneficial change to improve their economic activities.

Economic Development

Economic development

We are focused on contributing to local and regional economic dynamics. With an equitable gender stance, we prioritize the acquisition of local goods and services for the development of our supply chain. We support development wherever possible in order to strengthen economic sectors such as tourism, agriculture and commerce, among others.

Social Development

Social development

We are focused on building public and private partnerships in order to further develop our communities. We have signed an alliance with the Coffee Growers Committee of Caldas and the Mayor’s Office of Supía and Marmato, for the development of local infrastructure (village aqueducts and rural roads) as well as robust support for the municipality’s coffee producers.

Social Management

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